New York Fashion Week 2.13.2016 (New York, NY) - F/W 2016 Collection

Re-identification; an act or instance of identifying.  Each season, each year, each day is an opportunity to re-identify ourselves; what we devote our lives to, what we tolerate, what we love, what we hold on to, and what we let go.  Urban Sewn Fall Winter 2016 Collection re-identifies the brand by embracing the elements that started it; meticulous hand crafted details, comfortable luxe fabrics, and effortless style.   Texture took another turn for this collection by creating a layer of texture on textured fabrics.  It's a party of different materials ranging from matte, shiny, glitter, sheer, and solid.  All hand-done, inch by inch...hand crafted with love and care.  This collection embodies the designer's love for clothing and is a by-product of the invaluable experience of the process of creation.